Time To Get In The Garden!

As we all know the sun doesn’t usually hang around for long in this country, So we have to make the most of it.

Here are some garden planters, vintage and rustic wooden pots and quirky little ceramic pots.

My favourite is this one, it comes complete with a black chalk board on the side. Its just perfect for remembering what you have planted. If your anything like me you don’t have a clue about plants and you just pick the ones that look pretty, but if someone asks you what you’ve planted well … who knows right?

Problems solved with this pot 🙂

Rustic Plant Pot With Chalk Board
Rustic Plant Pot With Chalk Board

This pot is a little bit different, a ceramic pot in the style of a 2 drawer chest. Printed with a bohemian style pattern.

Ceramic Drawers Chest Pot
Ceramic Drawers Chest Pot

This one has a French feel, rustic double wooden planters with  French writing on the side.

Rustic Wooden Double Planter
Rustic Wooden Double Planter

I’m stocking up on pots and plants ready to have a beautiful floral garden this summer. You can also reuse old tubs, crates and pallets to plant different herbs, vegetables and pretty flowers.

Thank you for reading, now enjoy the sun before it disappears again.

Hayley x


Fabulous Florals!

Spring is in the air – Sun, Lambs, Easter and most importantly the flowers are out.

Here are some of my favorite florals for the home;

Pink Floral Gingham Metal Jug
   Pink Floral Gingham Metal Jug  http://www.heartsandhome.co.uk/pink-floral-gingham-metal-jug-443-p.asp
Blue Floral Gingham Metal Jug
Blue Floral Gingham Metal Jug http://www.heartsandhome.co.uk/blue-floral-gingham-metal-jug-448-p.asp
Handmade Cushion - Blue Floral http://www.heartsandhome.co.uk/handmade-cushion---blue-floral---shabby-chic-1101-p.asp
Handmade Cushion – Blue Floral

All three of the above items can found at Hearts and Home.

I love the smell of spring and flowers (not so great if you get hay fever). But here are a couple of spring floral scented candles to give your home a fresh smell.

White Gardenia - Yankee Candle
White Gardenia – Yankee Candle
Lovely Kiku Yankee candle

Yankee Candles are my favorite and my collection is forever growing.

I’ve found the best place for discounted and “Fragrance of the Month” candles to be Tempation Gifts.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my favorite florals, enjoy your Spring : )

Hayley x