Hand made Lavender Bags – How to make your own!

Here’s me little tutorial on how to make your own basic Lavender Bags.

Lavender Bags are great little gifts and brilliant for putting in your drawers. The natural lavender scent is also proven to relax and aid sleep – so pop one under your pillow before bed and dream away.

Finished Lavender Bags
Finished Lavender Bags

Step 1 – Choose your fabrics. Lavender bags are a great way of using up left over fabric from other projects. If not then Fat Quarters are perfect, you can pick them up really cheap and they come in a variety of different patterns and colours. Don’t forget both sides of the bags don’t have to be the same, you can mix and match.

A mixture of fat quarter fabrics.
A mixture of fat quarter fabrics.

Step 2 – Decide how big you want your Lavender Bags to be. My finished bags are usually approximately 10cm. I then make myself a template using a piece of cardboard, this makes it easier to measure on the fabric and ensures each bag is the same size.For a 10cm sized bag you will need to make a 12cm square.

Step 3 – Place your cardboard square on to the wrong side of the fabric (this is usually the paler or non patterned side) and draw around your square. You will need 2 squares of fabric that are exactly the same size.

Draw around your cardboard shape on the wrong side of thefbafric.
Draw around your cardboard shape on the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 4 – Once you have your 2 squares of fabric place them together with the right sides (patterned) facing inwards and the wrong sides facing outwards. Don’t worry, once they have been sewn we will turn them back the right way. To keep the fabric in place while you sew use a couple of pins.

Step 5 – Using a sewing machine stitch around the edge of your fabric leaving about half a centimetre all the way around. Sew all 4 edges but remember to leave a small gap near the end so you an put your lavender in. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can hand stitch your bags making sure not to leave any big gaps (you don’t want your lovely lavender escaping).

Step 6 – Turn your sewn bag inside out – now making it the correct way round. Make sure to get all of the corners pushed through so you have a perfect square.

Step 7 – You can now fill your bag with your lavender. Use a small kitchen funnel to help you get the lavender inside your bag. If you don’t want to use up all of your lavender in one go you can always add a bit of stuffing to help pad out the bag. It will still smell as good.

Step 8 – Once your bag is nicely stuffed you can then neatly hand stitch up the gap. Double back on your stitching for extra strength.

Step 9 – You don’t have to but I always tie a little ribbon and bow around my bags, it just finishes them off and and makes them look lovely if your planning to give them as gifts.

Step 10 – Admire your work and enjoy your hand made lavender bag.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’d love to see your finished lavender bags so please let me know if you follow my tutorial.


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